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Mark Batterson’s Whisper is about hearing the voice of God and the importance of listening for that voice in our lives. God is a living God, and He still speaks to us today. When we hear a whisper, we’re forced to listen hard and to draw close. Our Father wants an intimate relationship with His children; He wants us listening, and He wants us close enough to hear. Batterson explains the seven love languages of God – seven different ways God speaks to us today – and the power that is unleashed when we learn to listen.

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LIFE Today with James and Betty Robison features guests from all walks of life. From noted speakers and best-selling authors to real people who have experienced life's real tragedies and triumphs, our programs will inspire and encourage you every day.

About James and Betty Robison

James Robison has been ministering across America since the 1950's in churches, coliseums and other public venues. In 1971, he began preaching on television. In the late 80's, James and Betty became active in worldwide mission outreaches, taking food, water, shelter and medicine into crisis areas. In 1995, James and Betty began hosting LIFE Today in a talk show format, with an added emphasis on missions. Since then, LIFE Today has won numerous industry awards, the global audience has grown exponentially and the outreaches of LIFE have impacted hundreds of thousands of people with the life and love of Jesus Christ.

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