I suppose all of us have found ourselves in situations when we're running short, or perhaps have totally run out of something we desperately need. It could be limited financial resources to meet a pressing bill. It might be the loss of focus, inspiration, energy or motivation to get a job done. It could be the wearing down, or perhaps the complete erosion of love, passion and connection in a relationship. There are times in life when “it's” gone — whatever that “it” might be.

In the Gospel of John a story is told about a time when some wedding hosts found themselves in such a situation:

The wine supply ran out during the festivities … — John 2:3 (NLT)

It the midst of a week long marriage celebration, the wine provision for the guests was prematurely exhausted. Although this might have been a bit upsetting, inconvenient and embarrassing for the hosts, I think we would all agree that it's not exactly the worst catastrophe in the world. Nevertheless, it was a genuine problem. In this case the “it” was the reception refreshments, and “it” was gone!

Jesus, His mother and His disciples were at the celebration. After learning about the situation, Jesus' mother appealed to Him to intervene. He did. Jesus requested that six large water jars be filled with water, and He then miraculously turned the water into wine. The problem was solved and the celebration resumed. And according to the those overseeing the festivities, things were better afterwards than they had been before!

There are lots of important lessons in this story for us. The basic one is very simple, but significant. Jesus cares about losses and limitations in our lives. When our “it” runs low or runs out, He's concerned, and He's willing to help. He stands ready to step in and restore what's lost, when we ask Him to do so. He's ready to intervene in our restricted or depleted situations, capabilities, relationships and emotions. He'll take the ordinary resources that we do have and miraculously produce something extraordinary that we need. What He supplies is always more than sufficient. When we appeal to Him, He creates something better than before. He turns water into wine!


What's your “it” today? What's in short supply in your life? What been depleted in you or around you? Go to Jesus. He's the One who turned water to wine at the wedding celebration in Cana over 2,000 years ago. He'll do the same for you too!

Dale O'Shields