“…One mind, striving together for the faith of the Gospel.” —Philippians 1:27

From the outset of the Revolution, it was apparent that God was on America’s side. Time and time again when all seemed lost, something humanly inexplicable happened.

God was shedding His grace on America. For our purposes, one story stands a cut above the rest.

General George Washington hoped in the Lord against the hopelessness of his small unprepared army facing huge numbers of professionals. On the very day the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, British army General Howe was landing the first of what would become 55,000 soldiers on Staten Island. On August 22, 1776, the British fielded 15,000 troops on the southeast shore of Brooklyn and on the 25th another 5,000, racking up nearly three-to-one odds against Washington. The already bad odds were worsened by the fact that half of Washington’s men were not trained in warfare.

The next day, the British had nearly surrounded their enemy in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Americans were outnumbered, their munitions depleted. Washington dreaded to see the dawn he thought would display his brave men strewn, dead, on battle fields.

Backs to the wall, all they could do was anxiously wait for the British to attack. They could surrender of course, but if they wanted any way out of this fix, their sole recourse was prayer. General Howe had already taken one group by surprise the night before. For some strange (obviously providential) reason, though, he did not follow up on this victory. Had he attacked on the 27th, America would have been finished. Washington waited and waited, as it became surprisingly apparent that Howe was not going to attack.

With hours to spare, by the following night Washington was ready to carry out a wild plan. He would transport every last soldier in Brooklyn in small boats across the mile-wide East River, well within firing range of the British fleet. The risk of being detected seemed suicidal . . . but for the grace of God! 

On the night of the excursion, God covered the men with a storm (heavy rain and a powerful northwest wind), and in the morning He hid them in dense fog. The enemy was blinded and the Continental Army escaped!

This is just a snippet from a prolonged war, and we all know the outcome: a small band of ragtag revolutionaries tackled an empire, the British Empire and won! They won because God gave them victory two significant ways (among others).

First, He strengthened the ragtag band with a common goal. They were one mind, striving together for democracy—freedom from a government that did not grant representation. This unity of mind and determination to produce a superior, self-governing nation fueled Washington’s inferior forces with power to endure the most horrible circumstances together.

Secondly, to make up for “underdog” weaknesses, God so obviously intervened on these two supernatural occasions—stopping Howe’s second attack and concealing Washington’s troops in “bad” weather.

Beloved, today the Church is that small band of ragtag revolutionaries. We’re outnumbered . . . but we’re going to win!  There’s more malevolent evil than benevolent good in the world, but we’re going to win because we trust in a sovereign God and we’re a team, partners striving together for the faith of the Gospel. God will give us victory through unity, and where and when we’re outclassed and outnumbered, God will providentially intervene.

We must stay on our knees, we must stay in God’s Word, and we must continue to be light in this dark world. Don’t lose heart my friend, remember we win!

If you are going to stand strong during these perilous days, you must know God and His Word. Have you desired to study the Bible but not sure how? Find a Training Workshop in your area.

Kay Arthur

Host, Precepts for Life

Precept Ministries International