A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit the outside artistic exhibit Floating Piers at Lake Iseo in Italy. The artist Christo created huge walkways connecting the mainland to two islands. The floating piers were covered in bright orange fabric, as were the sidewalks on the island of Monte Isola. The exhibit lasted less than three weeks and was in a small town in a fairly remote part of northern Italy. Yet, close to one and half million people came to see it.

The experience of walking on water was unique. I naturally thought of Jesus walking on water. Of course, he actually walked on water while I walked on a series of interlocking plastic cubes covered in fabric but it felt like walking on water. I also thought about Peter. In Matthew 14: 29-30 it says, “’Come on!’ Jesus said. Peter then got out of the boat and started walking on the water toward him. But when Peter saw how strong the wind was he was afraid and started sinking. ‘Save me Lord!’ he shouted.” 

After Jesus rescued Peter he asked him a simple but powerful question: “Why do you doubt?” There is plenty of doubting these days. Many events can cause us to doubt. We wonder if hatred and violence are the norm. We question whether the polarization of our country can ever be changed. 

At the Christo exhibit I thought about what he was trying to communicate. The setting was a beautiful lake in the mountains with bright orange walkways glistening in the sun. The message was of connection and possibility. When there is a boundary hindering connection it can be overcome. The floating walkways were filled with people leaving the mainland to go to the island. The barrier of water had been conquered.

Racism can be defeated. People can connect despite their racial differences. I know this is true because I see it in our church. Loving others is what Christ followers are to do. We can lead the way for our country to see how different people understand and care for each other. Connection can lead to unity. Unity is what will defeat partisanship. 

If people can walk on water than they can do anything. The possibilities are endless. What may seem impossible is in fact possible with God. Peter could have kept walking on water all he had to do was believe it was possible. Strong winds are blowing but Jesus is right here with us. It may be scary and confusing yet there is the possibility for better days ahead.


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