I was traveling recently with my wife and we stopped to get something cold to drink on a hot summer day. After we got our drinks my wife started looking around the shopping plaza and saw a sign for a sale in one of the stores. She had never shopped in the store before but we went in to look around.

She became confused fairly quickly because the sizes were very odd. As she flipped through the racks of clothes there were a lot of 0’s,1’s and 2’s. There were even sizes like 2.5. She couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then one of the tags had a conversion chart on it.

It turns out in this store a 0 is a size 4, a 1 is a size 8, a 2 is a size 12, a 3 a size 16, a 4 a size 20. And then each one has a half size, like a 1.5 is a size 10, a 2.5 a size 14. My wife thought it was weird and so did I. We left pretty quickly since beyond the odd sizing the clothes were not really her style.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized what was really going on. If a woman has gained some weight and is now a size 16, she is a plus size in a regular store. If she was once a size 8 it can be hard to accept. But in this store, she is just a size 3. How much better might she feel seeing a 3 instead of a 16?

What an ingenious marketing ploy. Women aren’t stupid they know what is going on but yet it can make her feel good to see such a small number, maybe even smaller than any size she has ever been.

It’s tempting to do the same thing with God’s Word. But Deuteronomy 12:32 tells us, “Obey all the laws and teachings I am giving you. Don’t add any and don’t take any away.”

There are scriptures we find hard to accept. Ones we may feel are out of touch with today’s culture. So, why not just change them or at least change what they plainly mean. Just like this women’s store, so we feel better about themselves.

Living together isn’t wrong 70% of couples do it, gossiping isn’t wrong everyone does it, not tithing isn’t wrong who can afford it.

You don’t change God’s truth, you follow it.

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