Transformed by Trials

Scripture Reading: John 14:25-27; Luke 10:38-42  

One of the primary means God uses to make you and me like Jesus Christ is by sending trouble our way.  You see, reshaping us to the image of Christ is not minor surgery; it takes a major transformation.  

Just like a sculptor takes a piece of marble slab and chips away at it in order to bring out an image, God uses troubles to reshape us.    

We just need to remember, when we are going through trials, we must change what we are looking at.  We have to come at it from the right perspective.  "Lord, this is a rough time right now.  I am not sure why you sent this to me, but I want to give you thanks and I rejoice at the fact that this is going to be a transforming event in my life.  I am going to be more like Christ when we finish this one."

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