Students today can earn degrees in computer game design, environmental/ecological/sustainability studies, homeland security, cyber security, nanotechnology, new/social media, biometrics, forensics, data science, robotics, biomedical engineering, health informatics, e-business, emergency management, global studies, and more. Looking at the degrees offered by today’s colleges and universities is an indication of the developing opportunities available in today’s market. And there is a plethora of new opportunities for education, vocation, and service in our society.


New Chapters

            There is a plethora of challenges and opportunities available for every Christian by which to exercise his or her passion and gifts.

            Yes, ideas have always been part of the human spirit, but never have the opportunities been as available as they are today. It may be time for us as Christians to match up what we’ve always dreamed of doing with the opportunities that are now available to us.

            I know—we have financial and familial responsibilities that make “dreaming” seem like pie in the sky. But there is plenty we can do to feed our dreams and desires now until we have the opportunity to grasp them.



New Challenges

            Consider two things: First, are the college majors I described earlier currently being offered? Yes, because there is a need or demand for them. Second, did Jesus say for us to “go into all the world” with His Gospel? Yes. That means there are opportunities to help fulfill the Great Commission as followers of Christ in all the new and developing vocational areas of life. God needs His people to go into those parts of our world as living witnesses of the redemptive love of Christ.

            Developments are happening all around us. Wherever there are people who need to know Jesus Christ, we need to be there to tell them about Him. If you have a passion for a particular area of life, God can use you in that arena as a vibrant witness for Christ.

            And lest you think I am talking only to young Christians who are just entering college and considering a vocational path, I am not. Every one of us can grab new opportunities and expand the possibilities of life and service for Christ.

            We all have skills and abilities that God wants to use in ways we haven’t imagined. This coming year is the time to ask God to open the eyes of your heart wider than ever before to see the opportunities He is putting within your reach.


New Champions

            So how should we think about finding new opportunities in the coming year?

            First, believe that God wants you to flourish and be fruitful. God is your Father who adopted you into His family to accomplish good works for Him (Ephesians 2:10). Like a well-tended vine, our good works ought to expand and become more abundant every year.

            Second, get involved. After his third missionary journey, Paul was warned not to return to Jerusalem for fear of persecution by Jewish leaders. But he went anyway. He took a risk! And yes, he was arrested. But he got to preach to a huge crowd, the Sanhedrin, the Roman and Jewish rulers in Caesarea, and ultimately Caesar’s household in Rome (Acts 21–22). It all happened because he ignored the status quo and got involved.

            Third, look for the open door. You don’t need a map from God for the next five years—just for today. When Paul wanted to preach in Asia and God said “No,” he said, “Fine—then where?” And God showed him: Macedonia (Acts 16:6-10). He knew God wanted to use him, so he looked for another door to open when the other door closed.

            Fourth, trust God is with you. Paul and Barnabas were going back into Asia Minor to check on the new churches. Barnabas wanted to take John Mark, Paul didn’t. So they parted ways: Paul and Silas into Asia Minor, Barnabas and John Mark to Cyprus. Twice as much ground covered, twice as much follow-up accomplished.

            Finally, seek God’s will. The best way I know how to do that is to pray, “Lord Jesus, as I yield to You and follow You today, be the will of God in me. Lead me into bigger, bolder, more bounteous opportunities for kingdom service than I have ever known before.”

            Throughout history, champions for God have stepped out in faith and seized the opportunities before them. Let that be you next year.



David Jeremiah is the founder and host of Turning Point for God and the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. For more information about

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