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How Long Does It Take To Preach After Conversion?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 Series: Language Of God Reference: Joshua 1:8-8
How did the Lord send Moses to Egypt?
Listen to Bishop John C. Taylor answer these questions.
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About Light and Life

Pastor John Cecil Taylor of Light and Life Ministries, a ministry of reconciliation, extends its reach to internet Broadcasting. Pastoring over 600 members in Toronto, Canada, Pastor Taylor's mission is not to represent the gospel, but to Re-Present the gospel in order to effectively reach our generation with what has been hidden and misunderstood.

About Pastor John Cecil Taylor

Pastor John Cecil Taylor is the senior Pastor and founder of Light and Life Ministries. He founded the ministry in November 1994 along with 8 adults and 5 children. The congregation now involves over 300 families and synergy partners. Pastor Taylor is in touch with the times and seasons and is gathering God's people as the lord has instructed him. He has seen the move of God and has received with open arms those that the Lord has promised to help him.

Pastor Taylor is extremely talented. He is a devoted husband to Lorna and father to Cecile and Matthew. He is an extraordinary musician, an anointed psalmist, and a great teacher. He will soon release his debut album.

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