November 10

Luke 19:40
And he answered and said unto them, 'I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.'

Preston could hardly contain his excitement as the plane ap-proached its landing. He hadn't seen his sister in over a year. At their last meeting he had weighed about 260 pounds. Now, he was a trim 180. He couldn't wait to see her face. He never remembered being so anxious to see anyone before in his life. It was important to him to please his family, and he knew nothing would please his sister more than to see him looking so good. God give us such experiences to make our sacrifices worthwhile. We can be thankful that God motivates us in such loving ways. With His blessed help, we can't keep from succeeding.

Today's thought: I want others to see me like they've never seen me before!