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Devotionals by Dr. John Ankerberg

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July 7

Psalms 105:16-45; Acts 13:1-12

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

O visit me with Thy salvation.” –Psalm cvi. 4.

One of the worst results of the Fall is that men who are spiritually dead do not pray for life; but if there be one here who is sufficiently under the influence of the Holy Spirit to know that he needs spiritual life, he may begin at once to pray, “O visit me with Thy salvation.” If you have not yet felt the burden of sin, if you do not yet savingly know the Sin-bearer, if you are still a bondslave to your sin, you have indeed need to pray this prayer. If you know that you are not what you ought to be, and that, living and dying as you now are, you will perish everlastingly, then with all your heart, and with as much desire as there may be in you, do breathe the prayer to God, “O visit me with Thy salvation.”

Oh poor heart, as soon as you begin to pray, you begin to live. You may have very little power in prayer; in fact, your prayer may be no better than the first feeble cry of a newborn child; but it is a sign of life, and the Lord hears even a groan; and the tear that falls without a sound is liquid music to Jehovah, for He knows what it means. … One trick of the devil is to try to stop you from praying; he will tell you that you will not be heard. But I can assure you that the cry of misery, the sob of inward grief, is certain to be heard by the tender and gracious God whom we worship.

C. H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of the Bible, Vol. 2 (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1962), pp. 856-857

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