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June 15

Psalms 25; Luke 24:1-27

Thought From Today’s Old Testament Passage:

“Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.” Psalm xxv. 18

I do not think it would have been worth one’s while to have preached from the text if it had only said, “Remember my affliction and my pain,” but when it is “Look upon mine affliction and my pain and forgive all my sins,” the two things put together are very instructive; let us seek to get some edifying counsel from them.

Our sorrows are profitable when they bring our sins to our minds. Some sorrows may do this by giving us time for thought. A sick-bed has often been a place of repentance. While the man was occupied with his daily work, and the active labour of his hands, or could be from morning till night at business, sin escaped his notice; he was too busy to care about his soul: he had too much to do with earth to remember heaven. But now he cannot think of business or if he does, he can get no profit or satisfaction from all his thoughts; now he cannot go to his work, but must lie upon his bed until his health be recovered; and oftentimes the quiet of the night, or the stillness of the day which once was given up to the toil and moil of drudgery, has been blessed of God to work a solemn stillness in the soul in which the voice of God has been heard saying, “Turn unto Me!…” Some of you do not often hear God’s voice. You are in the midst of the clitter-clatter of this great city, and the roar and din of it are so perpetually ringing in your ears, that the still small voice of your heavenly Father you do not hear, and it may, perhaps, be a great mercy to you if… you may be compelled to hear Him say, “Turn unto Me! Turn unto Me! For I will have mercy upon thee!”

(Charles H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of the Bible (Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI: 1962), Vol. 2, page 473)

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