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June 25

Psalms 63:1-6; Acts 6

Thought From Today’s Old Testament Passage:

[Psalm 66] This is one of the most beautiful of the songs of worship. It is divided into two parts by a change from the use of the plural pronoun (verses 1-12) to the use of the singular (verses 13-20).

In the first part all the earth is called on to worship God because of what He has done for His people. This is a recognition of the true function of the people of God, which is to reveal God to the outside nations in such a way as to constrain them to worship. In the second half the worship becomes individual and personal, and yet the same purpose is manifest in the appeal to others to hear. In this case those called on to hear are such as fear God. Thus the testimony of the individual is to strengthen the faith of God’s own, in order that they may be more perfectly equipped for their testimony to those without.

In the story of God’s dealing with His people there is a recognition of His government through all the differing experiences of their history. By deliverance and by distress, by triumph and trial, He has conducted them to a wealthy place. Very full of comfort is the individual realization, following as it does this larger experience. In the economy of God the lonely man is not lost in the multitude, and the solo of his praise is as precious as is the chorus of the multitude’s worship.

(G. Campbell Morgan, An Exposition of the Whole Bible (Fleming H. Revell Company, Westwood, NJ, MCMLIX), pages 244-245)

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