If we put all the letters together for Chozeh or seer, and we have a threefold cord, which is not easily broken. It is the transcendence of man’s struggle to reconnect to the breath of God.

A proper understanding of the seer will help us to transcend limitations and reconnect with God. So that we know God in Spirit and in truth for His Spirit flows to, in and through us.

When Jesus walked the earth, He entered into prayer. Because of His great love for His Father in heaven He was able to see into vision realm. He was also able to see a coin in a fish’s mouth that could pay the temple tax for He and Peter. Can you imagine being able to look and see your answer or the source of your supply? We can! Jesus did. He was our example.

Jesus looked into heaven and saw what the Father was doing. Then He followed God’s actions, voice and plans. Jesus did what He observed in heaven. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus could look and see into heaven.

The prophet Isaiah looked into heaven while standing on the earth. He saw the Lord seated on a throne, lofty and exalted. The glory of God’s robe filled the temple. He saw the six winged Seraphim that stood above Him. He heard the Seraphim calling out, “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of host, the whole earth is full of His glory.” Isaiah 6:3 Isaiah observed the foundations of the thresholds tremble at the voice of him who called out. He saw the temple fill with smoke. He called out, “Woe is me, I am ruined! I am a man of unclean speech and my eyes have beheld the King, the Lord of hosts.” Isaiah saw the seraphim fly with a burning coal in his hand to touch his lips. His iniquity and sin was forgiven.

Isaiah was able to look into the realms of heaven. We have the same giftings and abilities to look past the natural into the supernatural to apprehend that which God wants to reveal and release. God wants His kingdom to manifest.

The seer is given an eternal picture, which is the recording of the Father, His wisdom, counsel, and His actions. As we begin to see Him we can begin to reveal Him. It is not just the speaking of prophecy, as a prophet would do, but the seer is a witness, who sees and hears all created things regardless of time, space or matter and to give testimony or evidence of God’s existence. We are called as God’s witnesses. A witness gives testimony. A seer is a witness so they must possess the power of God.

The Seer Gives Evidence of God

A seer is an observer of the Father’s recording or powerful demonstrations in the invisible realm. They see what God is doing; they follow what He is doing and bring it forth into manifestation. A seer is a witness to the power and glory to divine reality.

We demonstrate His presence so people can see His loving kindness manifested through the miraculous. We demonstrate God’s presence outside the church walls in our every day lives, in the marketplace, to touch, heal and deliver those with whom we come in contact. We see God heal in a practical application. Whenever we see a need we fill it with the presence of God.

A seer sees into the depths of the Spirit yet gazes beyond “nothingness” to give evidence of God. God did not create a world, set it in motion and then stepped out of our existence. God is still intricately connected and very much involved hearing and answering prayers.

A seer carries the silence of God in the area of perspective and into spiritual perception. God brings a heightened sensitivity to our spiritual perceptions by aligning them with our natural senses. God wants us to be able to see Him, perceive Him and know what He is doing so we are able to release it. God mirrors Himself in and through us as He steps into our reality, out of the invisible realm into the natural realm, transforming it into the supernatural.

The seer reflects revelation to the outside world from the dimensions of God Himself. God is so magnificent that we can only take a small sliver of Him and begin to reveal it. Every one of us has a part in revealing the greatness of God. We each have a part in demonstrating God’s presence because we are one body. God is looking for a place to rest His head. He is the head. We are the body that the head comes to rest upon. When God finds His resting place on the shoulders of a body that operates in His authority, the body of Christ will rise up in powerful demonstration following His lead.

The seer mirrors God’s actions to give them entrance or manifestation thus God’s presence is established. Therefore a seer communicates as an extension of God’s limitlessness and His expansion. The seer is used by God to bring into existence what God brings out, displays or reveals through the breathing in, breathing out, in the ebb and flow of the Spirit.

Gateways to Heaven

God is the One who knows the fullness of time. God knows when something needs to be revealed or remain concealed. God knows where each of us reaches our maturation process. He knows when we are ready to come into perfect alignment.

When God spoke to the prophets and seers in the Old Testament He would tell them to travel to a specific geographic location. These locations often housed the school of the prophets because they were located at heavenly gateways like we see in Jacob’s ladder.

The heavens and the earth were being aligned for destiny and purpose beyond our natural vision. The earth rotates at a precise speed, in a specific orbital path.

The first heaven, the sky above us, rotates at a certain speed. In addition there is the second heaven, the place where Satan reigns and the third heaven is where God Almighty rules. Each of these three heavenly places rotates at a designated speed. If we view these three different layers of the heavens as a separate disc or plate we begin to get the picture. Each of these layers contains openings, gateways or portals. These various gates have to be aligned so they are stacked on top of each other so a clear open channel is established.

When these various gates align at certain times and come into a perfect sequence, they form a clear channel, which heaven is able to communicate to earth through. When the three heavens align they form a shaft where God can communicate to man in an amazingly clear manner. The windows of heaven are opened and revelation is poured out upon those who have positioned themselves to hear and see that which God reveals. By the time the prophets journeyed from the place where God first spoke to them to the designated geographic location, the three heavens have aligned and a window of revelation is opened. The prophet or seer is now able to receive revelation from God under an open heaven. The seer can now hear more than the still small voice. He is able to receive a download from heaven with the ladder of revelation being extended from heaven to earth. Jesus is at the top of the ladder with angelic messengers ascending and descending upon this ladder.

The seer steps into a dimension of understanding revelation knowledge that has never been received before because it has never been the fullness of time. In obedience we walk the process out. We come into the window of opportunity that has been opened for us. We step into the portal to receive the download from heaven. Our eyes and ears are opened. We receive the anointing of prosperity and the blessings of God’s abundant provision coming to us. We step into a realm of the impossible with the grace and favor of God resting upon us.

What is the probability of us being born? What are the chances of one egg being penetrated by one sperm out of the millions that attempted to make the journey? Only one sperm reaches its goal to bring forth life. You are extremely special and unique.  We were in the loins of God before time began because God is eternal. Yet He knew you before you were born. He planned the magnitude of the calling and destiny that is resting upon you for such a time as this. When we try to grasp the concept of eternity it is very difficult. When God created the earth and all the galaxies in the universe He said, “Let light be!” Still to this day the universe is expanding and crashing through barriers of nothingness at the speed of light. The universe is still expanding and will continue to through all the ions of time and eternity because God’s Word is creative and progressive. The dimensions of space are still being rolled out like a carpet.

Visual Contact with Light

A seer is a point of visual contact to the concealed power of God’s presence. The seers is a person that serves as a door to the infinite light of God in order to allow for created reality of the Spirit to come into existence in the natural. "From my own flesh I envision or imagine, (echezeh), God."

When man, who is created in the image of God, contemplates his own existence or his soul, he tires to comprehend God, the Creator of flesh. God created man in His image from the ‘dust’ of the earth. It is hard for us to comprehend a Creator who is infinite when we are finite.

The dust we are created from has the ability to record information and sound. Even the very rocks have memory they will cry out if we don’t praise God! Each living person is a testimony that carries a recording of the Father in their DNA – we are living data. Isn’t it interesting that sand is used for memory chips. Selah…

When God created man He created him out of dust. The dust we are formed from has the ability to record the mighty acts of God. The Bible tells us that if we don’t praise God the very rocks will cry out giving testimony of His wonderful greatness. Rocks have an ability to record and reflect that which God is doing. All of creation testifies of God’s existence. That is why man is without excuse. No one can deny God’s existence. The dust that forms our body records everything we see, say and do.

That is why the Bible tells us not to place anything unholy before our eyes because our body records the images we see and the words we hear. God has placed an image center within us. God projects images of Himself, the anointing, angels, or images of dreams and visions that contain His plans into our spirit man and we record them.

The images God sends us are scripted on our heart. Our soul is scripted by God so we can become like the images God places within. We record everything we see.

When we stand in heaven, the Bible tells us in Romans 14:10–12,

“We will all stand before the judgment seat of God. For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall give praise to God.” So then each one of us will give an account of himself to God.” NASU

Our own tongue will be there to testify against us. The words we have spoken will either justify us or condemn us. We will give an account for every word we have spoken. Every word that is released from our mouth goes into eternity and is recorded by the earth. Science can go back in time now and pull up historical speeches that were given when there were no recording devises present. Every word is in the airways. The whole earth is recording our words and actions because it is rock and dust. It is necessary to place a guard upon the words of our mouth. We should be a person of few words because we will give an account for our words. The words that we speak should be the written Word of God that becomes the living Word the creative Spirit of God.

We create the world that we exist in. We create our own lives. If we are not prospering it is because of the words we have released that have shut doors, released curses, and brought in spirits of darkness rather than the angelic realm. It is the Holy Spirit that wills to open doors before us. Our words create. Within our words are the power of death and life.

When Jesus created the earth He spoke a word that released light.  The light and power of His words caused things to come into being. His words separated darkness from light. Jesus created the worlds just by speaking a word. If God could do that with the universe we have the ability to do that with our own individual lives and world.

Every person is a testimony that carries a recording of the Father. We are living data. At the end of our life that data is retrieved because God needs that piece of the puzzle. We are called to heaven to give testimony of our life and who God is.

The seer is a window into the dimension of eternity and time. Time carries the aspect of history, (His Story) time past, time now or present and the time of the future. The beautiful thing about the vision or dream realm is that God can pull you out of what ever time you are in and insert you back into the past, or into the future. People often dream about a house they lived in as a child, or visiting their grandmothers home, or they are back at an apartment where they lived during their college days. God is pulling you out of your present and taking you back to a previous time to reveal something you need to know to bring a healing or restoration to your present time.

God continually reveals another measure and dimension of Himself to us as we come into an understanding of who He is.

Every one is at a different level of spiritual development, hearing and seeing. In John 12: some heard Jesus speak, some thought an angel had spoken some heard the voice of God while others thought it was thunder.

"Father, glorify Your name." Then a voice came out of heaven: "I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again." So the crowd of people who stood by and heard it were saying that it had thundered; others were saying, "An angel has spoken to Him." Jesus answered and said, "This voice has not come for My sake, but for your sakes. John 12:28–30 NASU

Everyone is at a different level but not matter where we are there is always room for increase to the next rung of the ladder or dimension of revelation.

The Bible tells us Enoch walked with God and then was not because God took him. Enoch was translated into the heavenly realms on many occasions. God would return Enoch to earth and plug him back into time. Enoch was able to teach men what dealt in the future because he had seen it in the heavenly realms. Enoch was able to impart futuristic revelation knowledge to the people of his time. This is also happening in our time. There is an acceleration of the anointing that is being released in revelation knowledge. God is catching people up out of the now to move them into the heavenly realms of the future to reveal things to the church.