Reading Good Books

It is hard to miss the connection between a growing body of Christ’s disciples and their love for reading theologically stimulating Christian books. Of course God’s people are to be a “people of the Book”, but thriving Christians and vibrant congregations have always been “people who ingest lots of books”! Remember Paul’s requisition to Timothy from prison: “When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, and my scrolls, especially the parchments” (2Tim.4:13).

Reading the Bible, as well as books about the Bible, has always been seen as a great and prized Christian privilege. This was the chief honor fueling the literacy campaigns of history. Unfortunately in our day, reading Christian books is an undervalued and scantly utilized privilege which loses the daily battle for our attention in a world saturated with iPods, hi-def, and surround sound. Granted, it is more of a mental and intellectual challenge to read a good Christian book than it is to listen to music or go to the movies. But, just as it is more of a physical challenge to take a walk or go to the gym than it is to sleep and eat all day, challenges are often good. And reading is a great one.

So, why not rearrange some furniture to create the perfect reading spot, buy a reading lamp, build a bookshelf, or just pick the best place in your environs and start reading. The titles abound and can be found in our Compass bookstore and on our worksheets at church each week. Grab a doctrinally sound Christian book and watch your spiritual muscles grow.

-- Pastor Mike

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