Stand for Truth

God warned of a great apostasy as the end of human history draws near (2Th.2:3; 1Tim.4:1-3; 2Tim.3:1-5; 4:3-4; et al.). This is not a promise of a religion-less world. On the contrary, the end times events are filled with references to popular and influential religious organizations (Rev.17:1-18).

What God’s word predicts is the loss of true biblical faith in Jesus as the “only way to the Father” and in Jesus as our “sovereign Lord” (Rev.17:1-18; Jn.14:6; Jude 4). We must not let this forewarned slide into relativistic religion take us by surprise. We must stand on the objective truth of God’s word regardless of how unpopular it may become.

Though God’s truth is timeless, we should expect increasing portions of society to mock it and malign us for adhering to it. As J.C. Ryle once wrote, “if a man studies the Scripture and labors continually for the conversion of souls… he will probably be thought a firebrand and ‘troubler of Israel.’ But let men say what they will. Such are the truest friends of the Church who labor for the preservation of the truth.”

-- Pastor Mike

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