How to Stay Relevant in Your Faith

January 19

But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.

Titus 2:1

There are a lot of churches today that are trying to become more and more relevant in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And while this is helping many people hear the Word of God for the first time, there are some churches that are going as far as to compromise the message of the Gospel.

You see, many pastors today don’t want to seem too harsh or make God too unfair. So they distort the message of the Gospel to make it more palatable, and end up leading people down a path of belief in the wrong things.

Does the church need to be more relevant? Of course! But we can’t allow the pursuit of relevance to change our message and ultimately compromise who we are proclaiming God to be. We must communicate the right idea of God from the Word of God… no compromises!

If people are going to stumble, let’s make them stumble over the Gospel, not our methods or means of communication. Let the reality of the Gospel do its work in the hearts of men and women. Preach the Word of God at all times and never compromise the message!


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