Better Read the Instructions

In HIS Presence:  Make me understand the way of Your precepts (Psalms 119:27)

Have you ever found yourself in a mess and wondered why things have gone so wrong?   Most of us have.  We can remember times when we rushed and tried to put an item together quickly, instead of reading the instructions that came in the package.  Suddenly, we discovered that they pieces didn't quite fit correctly or that something seemed to be missing.

One man was determined to do minor word on his small car.  Every few thousand miles, he would drain the oil and then refill it.  When the car needed a tune up, he did it.  Over time, he began to notice that every time he put the car back together, a couple of bolts or screws were left over.  The automobile always seemed to run fine, so he didn't worry about it.  In fact, his leftover bolts became the source of much fun and laughter among his friends.

This continued until one day, while driving down the road, he heard a loud knocking noise.  After taking a look at the engine, his mechanic told him, "Your engine is about to fall out of your car!"

Everything you need for a successful marriage can be found in God's Word, but your must take time to read His instructions.  Leftover bolts and overlooked items—such as an unfaithful heart, bouts of anger, impatience, or a careless attitude—can lead to serious results where everything falls apart.

One Minute Please:

Be sure to read the fine print—for best results always follow the instructions!

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