Facing the Truth

In His Presence:  How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways (Psalms 128:1)

Many of the struggles we face today come as a result of something we learned as a child.  For example, think about how children develop insecurities—many do not know whether they will be living in one place today and another tomorrow.  Even more wounding is how many children wonder whether they will be greeted at the door with a hug or a slap.

This level of doubt and fear has fueled many fires of emotional frustration in a child's life, and has created damaging uncertainty.  More than we care to acknowledge, members of our police force are now seen as agents of discipline.  This is shocking to consider, but parents say their children are out of control.  They are the ones who need our prayers because they don't know what to do.  Moms work long hours, and dads are just as stretched. 

When Christ is no longer the central focus of your affections, your family will suffer.  God has a plan for your family.  He wants to give each person a future that is brimming with hope, but this requires making Him Lord of your life—and especially of your family.

It is wonderful to go to church together; where you can sing and worship the Lord.  But it is even better to know you are living in the light of His love, and that you have made a commitment to one another, and more importantly, to God.

One Minute Please:

Sociologists say that the breakdown of the family is the most critical issue facing our culture today.

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