God Used Jacob, "the Liar"

Scripture Reading: Genesis 25:26-34  

The name "Jacob" means deceiver. Jacob was crafty, tricky and skilled in the ways of manipulation.  He was the kind of person who had big dreams and ambitions and was always looking for an angle.  He wanted a blessing.

The Bible's reference to "blessing" describes the transfer of divine favor and authority.  To be blessed means that we receive from God something that we have no ability to generate on our own.  However, the only way we can get that kind of blessing is through brokenness . . . the realization that our self-sufficiency, our willpower and our talents are not enough.


Jacob learned this the hard way. He got his blessing, but it was more than he bargained for.  God blessed him by wrestling with him, shaping his character and changing his name from deceiver to Israel, which means "wrestles with God."  Jacob realized that the blessing was about more than what he got; it was about passing this blessing on to the next generation.  You'll be ready to receive the blessing of God when you realize it's about what you give to others, not just what God gives to you.

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