The Right Foundation

In His Presence: Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine… Your children like olive plants around your table (Psalms 128:3)

Most people have learned what they know about how to act within a family from one of three places: their own family in which they grew up, the families of friends and others that they experienced, or the media. Certainly, the media is the wrong example of what a family should be.

On the other hand, without realizing it, our concept of the family can be limited to what we learned from our parents. If this is the case, we could either be in deep trouble or set for life. For example, godly parents usually teach their children godly principles. While they may make mistakes, they are committed to one another and to God.

On the other hand, parents who are abusive will often watch as their sons and daughters grow up to mirror their anger and frustration. Many adults who were abused as children wonder if they will do the same. However, the destructive behavior does not have to be repeated. We can take control of our emotions and say no to sin.

When we are set on living the way God wants us to live, we will have all we need to become men and women of godly character and faith. When we do this, there is a good chance that our children will grow up to love God and will seek Him above all else. When He is first in our lives, everything else falls into place.

One Minute Please:

Your home is a training camp for the families your children will have one day.

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