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Jesus Is Superior to the Sabbath

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Series: Hebrews: The Superior Christ (Week 1 of 3)
The Sabbath was a day of "rest" and a reminder of God's covenant with His people. In Hebrews, we discover that Jesus is our rest. See what it means for you with today's Back to the Bible...

*Video content is archived material by former Back to the Bible teacher, Woodrow Kroll. As such, series DVDs are no longer available for purchase & resources/offers mentioned in the videos may or may not be available. For current studies from Back to the Bible teacher, John Munro, please visit

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Occasionally, I come across a sermon by a popular preacher teaching that the Bible promises God's followers a life free from misfortune.

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There's an Arabian proverb that says, "Four things do not come back: the spent arrow, the spoken word, time passed and the neglected opportunity."

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Years ago, a man walked the earth and revealed a life so unique it became the central point in human history.

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About Woodrow Kroll

For 22 years God used Woodrow Kroll in a mighty way to reach millions of people with the life changing truths of scripture through the ministry of Back to the Bible. Dr. Kroll retired from Back to the Bible in January of 2013.
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