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Red Blood Moon: Fact or Fiction?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

13 faith – 4 salvation & restoration – 15 holiness & righteousness

Today Pastor Parsley shares the prophetic significances of the occurrences of four blood moons for the nation of Israel and for every.

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About Pastor Rod Parsley

Though his dynamic, multifaceted reputation precedes him, at his core Rod Parsley remains what he has always been — a pastor. Beginning in 1977 with 17 people in his parents' backyard, the fellowship soon became World Harvest Church and 11 other major ministries. As the host of Breakthrough, Pastor Parsley's love-motivated teaching brings the power and presence of God to 97% of America.

Best-selling author of over 75 books, he is also known as a statesman who interprets the culture to Christ's Church while articulating the concerns of the Church to the culture.

Pastor Parsley most treasures being husband to Joni and father to his daughter Ashton and son Austin.
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