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Humanitarian Jesus

Is it possible for evangelism and the social gospel to coexist harmoniously? Yes, say Dobson and Buckley, especially if good works support Jesus' great commandment to preach salvation and make disciples. Guiding Christians from the left and right to a middle way, this broadly biblical approach includes interviews with Franklin Graham, Tony Campolo, and others.

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About Grounded

Grounded is making a difference in culture through engagement with thought leaders, activists, theologians, apologists, musicians, artists and others who can speak to our deep desire to see the lost saved, the believer fortified in their faith and motivated to take action on behalf of Gods kingdom as they pursue a deep righteousness that comes from walking closely with Jesus Christ.

About Ryan Dobson

From writing thought-provoking books, to hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows, to speaking all across the country, Ryan Dobson uses every opportunity to call people out of the moral relativism of today’s society and into “the ultimate adventure” of following Christ.

The son of author and broadcasting hall of famer, Dr. James Dobson, Ryan began his career by using his natural talent and passion for public speaking. He traveled extensively, speaking at music festivals, concert tours, and crisis pregnancy centers, which prepared him to write his first book, Be Intolerant, in 2003. Be Intolerant clearly hit a nerve and quickly rose up the sales charts— only to be followed by four additional bestsellers.

Today, Ryan has joined forces with his father on staff at the new ministry Family Talk in Colorado Springs, Colorado and co-hosts a radio show with Dr. Dobson discussing the key issues families face. Grounded with Ryan Dobson, an Internet radio show, was launched in the fall of 2010 and is now part of the Family Talk Network. Ryan is an in-demand speaker, leads short-term missions trips and men’s retreats, and is working on a new book.

He lives in Colorado with his wife, Laura, and their son, Lincoln.
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