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Sunday, June 17, 2012 Series: I Am Joseph

Do you know the purpose for your life? God created you for a reason and He wants to reveal His plan to you. Begin to discover the true purpose for your life and how to put it into motion.

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Are passionate and rewarding relationships really possible in a world where marriages seem to be failing left and right?

The answer is YES, according to Lifelong Love Affair, the newest book by MarriageToday cofounder and host Jimmy Evans. God didn’t create marriage to frustrate men and women or make them feel inadequate. He created this covenant relationship to meet our deepest needs and desires. He created marriage to be filled with passion, purpose and excitement. Even better, God created marriage to last a lifetime.

Don’t settle for a mediocre marriage.

Learn from Jimmy Evans how to embrace God’s dream for your marriage, how to cultivate romance and fun, and how to fulfill your spouse’s spiritual, emotional, and sexual needs. Transform your marriage into a lifelong love affair!

Articles by Jimmy & Karen Evans

Dependence Within a Healthy Marriage

As individuals, our most important dependency is upon God. But we must also recognize our need for human relationships—the kind that help us relate on a social, emotional, and practical level.These relationships give us pleasure and fulfillment, and they include friends, extended family, and work associates. There are two kinds of human relationships that meet this need.

The Selflessness of Romance

The importance of romance within marriage can’t be underestimated. It keeps your relationship going and your passions alive. Without it, I’m convinced, relationships will begin to deteriorate.

The Most Loving Act You Will Ever Perform

The Samaritan woman’s dilemma is a common one even today. Many of us, Christians included, seek satisfaction from the tangible people and things around us, rather than finding our fulfillment in God.

Physical Barriers to Healthy Sex

There are two dangerous extremes in our society today related to our bodies and sex.
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