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Walking in Kingship, Part 2

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About My Father's House

The Latter-Day Kings television broadcast is a very important part of Mark A. Thomas Ministries' mission to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. These exciting powerful, teachings will impact your life.

About Mark and Kim A. Thomas

About Mark:

Mark A. Thomas was born in New York, but grew up in Southern California, where he overcame all his test and trials in life. God audibly called Mark to become a Pastor; who now is a nationally known speaker and author. His writings reflect relative biblical subjects that strengthen his readers to thirst for the kingdom of God and transparent truth. He emphases throughout all his teachings that we are kings and priests forever.

Today, Mark can be seen on TV syndicates around the globe and at My Father's House Church (MFHCI) in Norco, CA. MFHCI is a thriving no compromising church that receives teaching and preaching on the power and authority of the Word of God.

Mark and his wife, Kim, are the parents of two children. Together, they passionately pursue the kingdom of God lifestyle for their family, ministry and their call by God through the power of Jesus Christ with a latter-day anointing

About Kim:

Kim A. Thomas is an author, teacher, and conference speaker who delivers the Word of God with boldness, love, and compassion without compromising the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a powerful kingdom of God assignment on her life to "Expose, Expand, and Place a Demand," on any Believer, young or old, who wants to go from the milk of the Word, to the meat of the Word.

She is committed to God's vision to making a change in the lives of the lost, the brokenhearted, and the misled. She is a great teacher, that sees Believer’s as they should be in Christ, and not as they are, and she relishes her assignment to equip them to develop into God’s divine purpose for their lives.

Kim is also a successful businesswoman, Co-Pastor of My Father's House Church in Norco, California with her husband Mark A. Thomas, and the Vice President of Mark A. Thomas Ministries (MATM). She resides in Southern California with her husband Mark, two children Felicia and Elijah, and their pet Chihuahua, Gloria.
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