Pain & Sickness

The Bible promises us that this life will be punctuated with sickness and pain. For some it will be more chronic than others, but unfortunately for all of us there will be certain seasons of severe and almost unbearable discomfort. While we’d wish that God’s children were exempt, we must remember that for now, Christ has not granted us any such immunity. When sin entered the world God’s universal judgment included a physical reality that would be subject to disease, decay, and ultimately death (Gen.3:16-19). While that may not sound like good news to our ears, it can certainly assure our hearts when we are tempted to ask, “Why is this happening to me?”

So the next time you are pained, injured or ill, remember that mankind’s rebellion against God was the ultimate cause. And then be quick to remember that Jesus Christ came into the world to rectify the problem by satisfying God’s justice on the cross. This obviously doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to experience the varied effects of sin in this world, but it does mean that by the time God’s kids step into the next one, sin and all its related consequences will be nothing but a distant memory.

-- Pastor Mike


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