Biblical Standard

Christians are often accused of defying logic and reason to become superstitious mystics when we run to quote our Bibles as the authority on what is true and how we should live. The problem with this accusation is that thoughtful Christians contend (perhaps not loudly or cogently enough) that it is supremely logical and reasonable to understand the Bible as God’s authoritative voice on life and reality.

Christians are not asserting a belief in an illogical universe, but one that is best understood as the product of a transcendent and personal God, who can, and arguably has intervened in this universe from time to time throughout its history – the greatest and most dramatic intervention being the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And because the Bible specifically predicted that intervention centuries before it happened, along with a slew of other historical events, Christians have logically deferred to this Book as the avenue through which God has communicated to his creation.

If then this God exists, and he has given us reason to be confident that he has spoken to us in the Bible, then it would be illogical and irrational for us to ignore his authoritative words in our quest for truth and in deciding how we will live our lives.

-- Pastor Mike


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