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About One For Israel

Established in 1990, ONE FOR ISRAEL began as a Bible college and has since expanded to a multi-faceted ministry with the express goal of reaching Israelis with the Good News of Yeshua, training and equipping the Body of Messiah in Israel, and blessing our community with Yeshua’s love. The story and ministry of ONE FOR ISRAEL is part of something much larger – the miraculous restoration of the Jewish people and the miraculous unity between Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus. We are seeing not only the physical restoration of Israel after a 2000-year exile, but a spiritual revolution is taking place right in front of our eyes. Jewish people are returning to their God and accepting the Messiah in numbers not seen since the early church! Not only that, but many Arab people are coming to the Lord and many Arab believers are finding a deep unity with their Jewish brothers and sisters. ONE FOR ISRAEL exists to do ministry within this miracle. We are Jews and Arabs, together serving Messiah Jesus, sharing the Gospel with Israel and the world, making disciples, training leaders, and blessing our communities in the name of Yeshua.

About Dr. Erez Soref

Dr. Erez Soref - President, One for Israel, One for Israel Bible College

Erez grew up in a traditional Israeli household, attending synagogue every week and learning the Old Testament in school all the way from first to twelfth grade, but to him, God felt distant. Bible lessons were taught more as the general history of the Jewish people, rather than with spiritual meaning. After his service in the IDF, Erez left for southeast Asia on the “Mysticism” trail, wanting to better understand spirituality. It was on his search that he discovered Israel’s best kept secret: Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. After his life changing discovery, Erez immediately wanted to study the scriptures but found no Bible college in Israel to help. Erez felt that he was called to change that, and has worked tirelessly since then to provide the opportunity to Israelis—both Jewish and Arab—to study the Bible, in Hebrew where it happened. Today, Erez serves as president of the only accredited Bible college in Israel, training Israelis for ministry in the One for Israel Bible college. Under his leadership the college has trained thousands for ministry in Israel, and created a online awakening with cutting edge media outreach. Through One For Israel, we reach millions of Israelis with the gospel every year, and hundreds of millions around the world. Erez lives in Netanya with his wife, Sisi, and their three children.

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