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You Got Style

Discovering your personal style can help you understand why you do certain things, why you react in particular ways and why others act the way they do. These styles involve the most important aspects of our lives including relationships, family, faith, finances, work and more. Learning about your styles and the styles of others can increase happiness, generate success and reduce conflict in your life. .

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About High Impact Living

Pastor Rick McDaniel gives a relevant and Biblical perspective on various life topics ranging from relationships to business, from marriages to health. Rick is known for presenting messages that have practical points which can be applied in everyday life. His inspirational style has motivated thousands of people to live more impacting lives.

About Rick McDaniel

Rick McDaniel is the President of High Impact Living, a speaker, writer, host of the  Point of Impact podcast, and author of seven books including the latest “You Got Style: How Discovering Your Personal Style Impacts Your Faith, Family, Finances and Much More.” You can find him on Twitter at @rickmcdaniel and Instagram @rickmcdaniel_official.

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