Reversing the Addiction Curse

Scripture Reading: Romans 8  

A POW is a prisoner of war, someone who has been captured and held under an enemy's control.  Many Christians are POWs - prisoners of a spiritual war.  They're trapped by situations most commonly called "addictions," which the Bible refers to as "strongholds." 

Drugs, alcohol, co-dependency, sexual promiscuity and other strongholds make a person feel trapped with seemingly no way out.  But there is hope. In 2 Corinthians 10:1-6, Paul offers a formula for a breakthrough: Fix the fortress.  Put "speculations, knowledge and thoughts" under God's domain.  In other words, start with your mind.

Meditate on these Scriptures and feed your spirit with the truth of God's Word: You belong to God.  Don't allow the enemy, the "father of lies," to hold you prisoner any longer.  We are not our addictions or strongholds; we are blood-bought, totally forgiven children of the Living God!

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