Don't Depend on Pharaoh

Scripture Reading: Exodus 35:30-33; Proverbs 22:29  

Believe it or not, God's strategy to transform society includes the development of economic stability.  What does economics have to do with transforming a culture?

In Deuteronomy 28:12, God told Israel that if they would obey Him, they would be a lender to other nations and never a borrower. When God's people disobeyed, they became debtors and were plunged into poverty. They had to depend on pagans, on Pharaoh, for their livelihood.

This economic strategy remains a good one for today. Pagans will not finance God's program. With economic independence via hard work and skills, God's people can continue to make an impact for Christ. We can do His business His way because we're using His resources.

As long as you are working for and dependent upon Pharaoh, he will never let you go.

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