- Spiritual Growth



How many times have you caught yourself scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for hours, reading comments you disagree with and responding in an unchristlike way? Maybe you haven’t responded, but you sure have thought about it! We can get so caught up in the digital world that we forget to be compassionate and gracious with others who are different than us. But God doesn’t want us to live like this. He intended better for us.


Social media has impacted the way we live, how we see ourselves, and where we place our attention. It has made it easy to speak without consequences and we end up saying whatever we want… even things we would never say to someone’s face. We see a nice family photo of our friends and their children and immediately think “Their family is more put together than mine. Why didn’t God make my family more relational?” These platforms are filled with comparison, pride, and anger. However, there is a way we can impact these people in a positive way. All we need is the help of God and His word. 


“The words of the godly encourage many, but fools are destroyed by their lack of common sense.” - Proverbs 10:21 NLT


The Father has called us to be wise with our words and actions. When we are focused on being godly people, others benefit from it. We can use social media to encourage others and build them up. We can celebrate their victories without being envious. We can be exactly the people God needs us to be for others!


Social media doesn’t have to be a terrible thing every christian should avoid. It is all dependent upon how you use it. We can use so much of Jesus’ teachings to help us navigate the world of digital discussion. 


Check out  this quick clip of Pete Briscoe as he answers how we can separate and defend ourselves from the sin, culture, and comparison we find on social media and instead use it to be an example for others to follow.