Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Charles F. Stanley: Remembering a Lifetime of Devotion to the Christian Faith

The LighSource.com team deeply regrets the passing of Dr. Charles F. Stanley, while commemorating his life and dedication to the Christian faith as a distinguished author and educator. Dr. Stanley was passionate about sharing the gospel with "as many individuals, as swiftly as possible, as plainly as possible, as irresistibly as possible, through the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.”

With the aim of guiding individuals worldwide into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, Dr. Stanley established In Touch Ministries. His program, In Touch with Charles Stanley, is broadcasted on over 2,800 stations globally, reaching countless individuals by spreading the word of Jesus Christ.

In recognition of Dr. Stanley's enduring influence and the significance of his teachings to the LightSource community of believers, we have compiled this collection of Dr. Charles Stanley's most well-received messages and sermons from 2023. We hope that, regardless of where you are in your journey with Christ, these teachings from Dr. Charles Stanley provide solace, direction, and resilience in your faith.

Walking With God Through the Dark Times

There are dark times each one of us experiences when we're overwhelmed and don't know what to do. Are you in such a dark time right now? Dr. Stanley talks about how God will comfort your hurts, calm your fears, and give you great hope if you will trust in Him.

Listening to God

Listening to God requires making time for Him. Dr. Stanley assures us that believers need to seek Him, and He will answer. When we stop striving and dive into His word, we open the door to experience His many blessings.

Guided by God

An exciting adventure begins when we walk in step with Jesus. Dr. Stanley explains what life entails when we choose to be guided by the Father. We must completely surrender to Him if our actions are to reflect His glory.

The Greatness of God

Do you believe God is in control of your circumstances, or do you think He's sitting back waiting for you to mess up again? Dr. Stanley explains God's revelation of Himself, His character, and His attributes through Scripture.

Knowing God as Our Father

There is only one true God, but the Bible teaches that He has many titles and roles in your life. Dr. Stanley highlights the encouraging privilege of calling God by His most comforting name—Father. You can know God as your perfect heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally.

Lessons Learned in the Temptation of Jesus

We live in a corrupt world where temptation is a part of everyday life. Dr. Stanley explains that though everyone deals with temptation differently, Jesus' example offers us the best defense possible.

Expressions of God’s Goodness

Your understanding of God affects your relationship with Him. As you think of all His attributes, consider our heavenly Father's unlimited grace. Dr. Stanley discusses the privilege of knowing and experiencing the Father's lovingkindness, and how it can truly change your life.

Knowing Holy God

Dr. Stanley talks about how we respond to the divine attribute of holiness. All of God’s laws, principles, and actions are derived from this essential characteristic. Pursuing holiness will direct our choices toward obedience, and our hearts toward praising the Lord.

The Privilege Corrupted

The greatest privilege we will ever have is to know God. Dr. Stanley teaches the consequences of turning away from God, and how to take full advantage of the great privilege you've been given through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Taking Advantage of the Privilege

All the interactions we could never compare with having a personal relationship with the living God. Dr. Stanley explains how knowing God not only brings you peace, joy, and contentment, but also changes the very nature of your existence and how you experience eternity.

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