Have you ever read a scripture and felt that it was written specifically for you? Well, it was! God gave us His word to speak to us and unveil things about our lives. Every word is an opportunity for you to hear from God. However, if you only read the Bible as a book of stories, you will miss out on what God is trying to do in your life. 


God gave us the Bible so we would be reminded of what He is saying to us. While we read the Bible, we must be aware that God is always trying to use it to teach us something. When we do this, hearing from God becomes frequent and familiar. His word is an incredibly easy way for us to connect with and hear from Him. 


People wonder if the Bible is even relevant to our day in time, but we can debunk that theory easily. The Bible is not just a history book of what God did in the past, but it is a tool He uses to speak to us even today! After years of when the scriptures were written, God is always using it to breathe new life into people who are spiritually dead. 


God wants us to not just listen, but to focus in on what He is saying. Pick up your Bible today and see what He is teaching you. He has something He wants you to hear. Are you listening?


The Father is speaking. Are you listening?


Tune into this broadcast from Dr. Charles Stanley as he speaks more in depth on knowing how to hear the voice of God through His word.