wedding couple

Marriage is such a special, intimate covenant between two people. Love stories are often portrayed in movies as effortless, but as many know, the happily ever after is never truly that easy. Maintaining a healthy relationship takes work. By doing this, you will help to lay the groundwork for a healthy, happy marriage.

Communication is vital. It is very easy to misunderstand one another, especially in such a personal relationship as marriage. It is helpful to talk things out, particularly when needing clarification on conversations that may have been misunderstood. Strive to seek clarity on what your spouse meant and why it was said, rather than reacting defensively.

Take time for one another. Many find it helpful to plan date nights, especially when life is hectic. Connecting with your spouse will help keep the spark alive.

Most importantly, keeping God at the forefront of your marriage is key.  Be sure to take time, both individually and as a couple, to grow your faith. Pray daily for your spouse and your relationship together. Attend, or virtually tune in, to a church service.

We'd like to share some video resources to help you more with your relationship with God and your relationship with your Spouse. From Focus on the Family with Guest Gary Chapman, this video will help you get started on diving into a deeper relationship with God, as well as learn more about God’s love for us based upon the Five Love Languages.

Watch this video from LIFE Today to continue learning how to have a happy marriage, tune into LIFE Today Live as author Nina Roesner gives practical tips to improve your marriage.